Special Offer for Synaesthetes*

Are you special? Do you feel you don’t fit in? Do you react differently to your environment to those who pretend to be your friends? Or perhaps you have a “gifted” child… perhaps they “see” music, or “hear” colours?

These “talents” are examples of synaesthesia, the blending of the senses. At The Midnight Sun we value this kind of talent, and we can help you, or your child, understand and develop this special gift.

E-mail us now to claim your free stay in our luxurious, exclusive and invitation-only spa.

*this offer applies to confirmed synaesthetes only. Parents or registered guardians may attend with their child, although we insist on total secrecy at all times. We maintain a constantly updated genetic database of synaesthetic blood-lines. Communication regarding non-synaesthetes WILL BE IGNORED. The Midnight Sun Sensorium and Spa is an invitation-only resort. We pay a “bounty” for synaesthete information. Terms and conditions apply.

The following offer code is for administrative use only.

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